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Mr. Abdul Razak Teli is the patriarch of the Teli family and is acting chairman of the board of the new Nakshbandi Textile Mills. He received his Bachelor of Commerce degree from Karachi University in 1966.  Mr. Abdul Razak Teli is a well-known and respected member of the Pakistani Textile Industry.  His name is recognized worldwide as a man of integrity who believes in putting quality and honesty first in his business dealings.


Mr. Abdul Razak Teli has very extensive experience in Textiles as well as other Industries. He is also currently serving on the boards of following companies;


His current positions held are;


Nakshbandi Textile Mills (Private) Limited

Gul Ahmed Energy Limited

Gul Ahmed Wind Power Limited

A.R. Teli (Private) Limited

H.S.H.M Corporation

4M Enterprises

Seagull Farms

Seagull Textiles (Private) Limited.

Tar Muhammad Teli Trust

Quran Academy

His previous positions held are;  

Chairman + Director “Nakshbandi Industries Limited”

Chairman + Director “Naz Textile (Private) Limited”

Director “Latif Cotton Mills”

Director “Gul Ahmed Textile Mills”

Director “Gul Ahmed Jute Mills” in East Pakistan

  He has also served on many Honorary Government Trade & Industry positions.

Ex-Chairman: Quota Supervisory Council – Export Promotion Bureau, Government of Pakistan.

Ex-Chairman: Towel Manufacturer’s Association of Pakistan, Southern Circle Committee.

Ex-Vice Chairman: Towel Manufacturer’s Association of Pakistan, CEC.

Ex-Member: Managing Committee, Towel Manufacturer Association of Pakistan.

Vice Chairman: Landhi Association of Trade & Industry.  

Ex-Member of FPCCI Trade Committee from 1989-1993

        Pak-Sweden Trade & Industry Committee

        Pak-Canada Trade & Industry Committee

        Pak-USA Trade & Industry Committee

        Pak-USSR Trade & Industry Committee

        Pak-UK Trade & Industry Committee


Mr.Abdul Razak Teli has visited many countries as a trade delegate.

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