Mr. Mustafa Teli graduated from University of Sussex, UK with a degree in Mechanical Engineering with Business Administration. He joined his family business in June 1997. He is serving on the board of Nakshbandi Textile Mills as a Director. His role, due to his past experience, is to oversee the management of the sales and marketing and, along with the chairman Mr. Abdul Razak Teli, to develop the business strategy.

 Previous & Current Positions Held;

Naz Textile (Private) Limited. Karachi, Pakistan:    Director from 1997 June 2011 & CEO from June 2007 June 2011

Latif Cotton Mills. Karachi, Pakistan :    Director from 1999 2010

Nakshbandi Industries Limited. Karachi, Pakistan.    Director from 1998 March 2008

A.R. TELI (Private) Limited. Karachi, Pakistan:    CEO from September 2007 to date

Nakshbandi Textile Mills (Private) Limited. Karachi, Pakistan:    President from June 2010 to Date

Mr. Mustafa Teli also served on Towel Manufacturing Association on various committees including Southern Circle & Central Management.


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